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Vitamin D

You've probably heard a lot about Vitamin D in the news. For over twenty years dermatologists and others have been advising you to stay away from ultraviolet light. Many researchers in the medical field are now changing their minds after seeing the unintended consequence of sunphobia -rampant vitamin D deficiency.

Handwashing to prevent infections and patient deaths was a revolutionary yet simple concept in the 1800's. Getting vitamin D from UVB may be a revolutionary yet simple solution for many health problems from bone diseases to dangerous internal cancers.

Vitamin D is made naturally from UVB. Tanning lamps emit UVB.

Web Sites

Here are a few sites that will provide you with information about the health consequences of vitamin D deficiency.


Two great books on the subject:

  • The UV Advantage, By: Michael Holick, M.D.
  • Solar Power for Optimal Health, By: Dr. Marc Sorenson

Both available at or at

Tanning Clips

Below are a collection of various news clips about tanning.

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