Solar Planet Club Membership

The most popular tanning choice and the best value if you are tanning for more than 1 month. We have 3 different Membership levels; Silver, Platinum and Diamond. The low monthly rate, discounted lotion and access to all 23 locations makes the Memberships a great value with the ease of convenience.

Membership Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Solar Planet Club Membership?

Our Club Membership starts as low as $24.97 a month for unlimited tanning. You join today and then it's easy automatic payments by credit card and you can use your membership at any of our 23 D.C. area locations. But we offer many other options so the best thing to do would be to come in and try us out, so that we can find the perfect plan to accommodate you!

What are the differences in the Membership levels?

Our Members have the choice of 3 levels of equipment. The Silver Level Membership is our base bed level used for starting and building a base tan. These beds are not available at all locations so please contact the store before visiting. The Platinum level equipment is a step up from the Silver and provide a quicker more even tan. Less time needed to develop a base tan and more of a golden bronze will be achieved. The Diamond level is our Fastest way to a beautiful, bronze glow. Utilizing the perfect blend of UVA & UVB to achieve a lasting and natural tan that will be the envy of all of your friends.

How do I cancel my membership?

We hope you have enjoyed our services. After their commitment period expires most customers freeze their membership and it is ready for them whenever they want to start back again…you don't have to fool with the paperwork to sign up again. If you want to end your membership, just cancel at the store you signed up with within 15 days before the next draft date. When you do that you will receive a cancellation receipt for your records.

Can I cancel by phone or e-mail?

All cancellations need to be done in person so that we can provide you a printed receipt as proof that you have cancelled your membership.

Can I put my membership on hold?

All Solar Planet Club Memberships come with a convenient freeze option. Once your monthly agreement has been met, simply visit the location where you signed up to freeze your Solar Planet Club Membership! Most clients freeze their membership at some point; it's just $5 per month. If you choose to freeze your account you will have no enrollment due at rejoin and the $5 payments will be credited back to your Solar Planet Club account (up to 4 months per calender year can be credited)!

What other benefits are included with the Solar Planet Club Membership?

Being a Solar Planet Club Member offers several benefits. Not only do you receive a highly discounted rate for tanning, but Silver and Platinum members will receive discounted rates on all upgrades! There is no upgrade cost for Diamond Members since all UV Equipment and Mystic is included in the monthly debit. Also, you will receive 15% off all of your lotion purchases! There will also be special emails and discounts throughout the year for Club Members.

How do I change my billing information on file with my membership?

Changing your billing information on file with your Solar Planet Club Membership is simple- simply go to your sign-up location and the staff will be more than happy to update your information for you!

What have I forgot to ask?

  • All Solar Planet Club Memberships are an open-ended agreement and payments continue until you complete a Cancellation Form. When doing so, you will receive a copy of the form, keep that copy as a proof of cancellation.
  • Cancellation, and any changes must be made at your sign up store within 15 days of the next draft date as stated on your initial agreement.
  • Changes to your account are not accepted verbally, by e-mail or by phone and no claims of such will be recognized.
  • Solar Planet may re-process dishonored automatic payments up to 5 times during the month and a $15 fee may be added for dishonored payments.
  • The Membership cannot be shared or transferred.
  • There are no refunds for unused months.
  • Solar Planet consents only to agreements in writing and not verbal agreements.
  • Solar Planet may modify or cancel this plan at anytime. Changes may be made by posting in the lobby of the Solar Planet location.

What Are People Saying?

Kelsey was great! It was really easy to schedule and the airbrush took no time at all and it actually smelled kind of good. I came in for a trial run before my sister's wedding and I feel very comfortable coming back for the big day. Thank you!

Abbe K.