Solar Planet Products FAQs

Solar Planet is proud to carry California Tan Products.

California Tan has a 3-Step Tanning System

Step 1: Lotions are Base Tan Builders

  • Who are they for?
    Beginning tanners, and Tanners who have hit a plateau with their step 2 product
  • When are they used?
    Just prior to your tanning session.
  • What do they do?
    These lotions help build a rich, golden tan faster. They keep skin hydrated for longer lasting results.

Step 2: Lotions are Dark Tan Boosters

  • Who are they for?
    Advanced tanners who have their base tan and have hit a plateau.
  • When are they used?
    Just prior to your tanning session.
  • What do they do?
    Step 2 lotions get your over your tanning plateau, giving you deeper, darker results.

Step 3: lotions are Dark Tan Extenders

  • Who are they for?
    Tanners at all stages of tanning.
  • When are they used?
    Use after tanning and after bathing or showering.
  • What do they do?
    Step 3 lotions are scientifically formulated to preserve, protect and extend the life of you tan. They enhance your color, can prevent peeling and replenish moisture.

Why should I use a tanning lotion?

Healthy skin tans best. Indoor tanning lotions are formulated just for tanner's skin. They prepare your skin for each tanning session, maximize your color during your session, and hydrate and extend the life of your tan.

Should I use a sunscreen while tanning indoors?

SPF's are used outdoors to reduce the risk of sunburn. Indoor tanning is controlled. We determine your exposure time based on your stage of tanning, the tanning unit you are using and your skin type. A suncreen would actually delay your tanning results since some UVB is essential for building a tan.

You may use a sunscreen to cover a recent scar or tattoo.

You should use a lipbalm with sunscreen to protect your lips from sunburn.

I'm not getting any darker, what can I do?

You may have hit a plateau. If you've been using a Step 1 product, move up to a Step 2. California Tan Step 2 products have TRF2000 (use trademark symbol). This exclusive ingredient increases the elasticity and healthy appearance of the skin. Tissue Respiration Factors (TRF) are excellent mositurizers and promote oxygen intake in your living cells while also enhancing collagen production.

If you hit a plateau while using a Step 2 product, go back to your Step 1. Vitatan (use trademark symbol) is exclusive to California Tan's Step 1 products. Vitatan's ingredients enrich the skin's biological composition through nutrient supplementation.

Will bronzers cause streaking or turn my skin orange?

California Tan makes excellent bronzers. Bronzers are ideal for tanners just starting out who desire immediate results and for tanners needing to get rid of strap marks, or other white spots. The principle agent used in most of the bronzers, dihydroxyacetone (DHA) is an effective bronzer with soft brown tones. It takes from 2-4 hours for the DHA and the proteins in your skin to react, avoid showering during this time for the best results. The light concentration does not cause streaking, but application in a circular motion is recommended.

I hate the way my skin smells after tanning especially if I'm going back to work. Is there anything I can do about that after tan smell?

All California Tan products have an ingredient called biosaccharide complex. This biologically produced blend of polysaccharides is used in their tanning products for its anti-odor and double hydration properties. It retains water much like hyaluronic acid which is used in many quality cosmetics.

What Are People Saying?

Being very self conscious about my body I was always hesitant about airbrushing. I did it any ways and it was quick, easy and looks great!

Jennifer B.